Q&A for Aurovine Widgets


Easy - just paste the code into your html editor and you are set. The widgets are 280px wide, so bear that in mind when deciding on your placement. (We'll be introducing different sizes of widgets very soon).


Log into the admin area of your Facebook artist page. Click 'Edit Page' then click the Apps tab on the left. You'll need to install the Static Iframes tab which can be found here. You can set a custom image for your tab and then just paste the code into the 'source' field. Click save and you're done. This now gives you a new tab on your facebook page.

Aurovine Widgets FAQ3

You can paste multiple widgets into the tab if you wish. Click the image below to see a page with multiple widgets.

Aurovine Sonic Vista Facebook


The Wordpress CMS allows you to paste widgets in the sidebar. When you are in your admin area. Click 'Appearance" then 'Widgets'. Then (from the available widgets) drag the 'Text' widget into your sidebar. You can then paste the code into this text tab. If your sidebar is less than 280px you may need to adjust the width in your theme's main style.css settings.

If you need to adjust the sidebar width click 'Editor' under the 'Appearance' tab. (Please save a copy of this file in case you make a mistake with your amendments).

You'll need to scroll down to an area of the css file that looks similar to the image below. (This is from the twentyeleven theme).

Aurovine Widgets FAQ5
Note that these settings (exactly as above) worked for this site. Just make sure that the % setting in the left.sidebar #primary (-26.4%) equals the sum of the margin-left and width in the left-sidebar #secondary area (as shown by arrows)

Here's how the above Wordpress site looked when it was finished
Wordpress Site


In Joomla we found the best way to display the widgets was to disable the tinymce editor and just paste the widget code into an article. There are also Joomla modules and plugins that will enable you to paste iframes into article pages, such as iFrame in module available here