Aurovine Pricing Details

How much does it cost for bands?

The basic service is free – there are no signup costs, and no subscription fees. We cover our costs via a 14% revenue share on sales

Do you offer a volume discount?

Yes, the revenue share drops to 12% if you generate £150 in sales per month and 9.5% if you generate £275 in sales per month.

How does that work for labels?

The revenue share rate is based on sales to your Aurovine account. So if you’re a label and have five artist accounts all using the same Aurovine account, your rate will be calculated by looking at the combined sales of all five of those artists. A distinct advantage for those labels looking for a maximum return.

Are payment processing fees included in the revenue share rates?

No, processing fees are payable as part of the paypal system. You will pay the normal paypal receivers fee on the totla amount of the purchase. You may find it beneficial to register for the paypal micropayment scheme which is explained here. Please see more info on processing fees here.

How is the money collected?

When a fan makes a purchase, the money flows directly from them into your Paypal account, less our commission.

How do the free download credits work?

We give you 1000 free downloads when you sign up (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum and the fan enters zero). You will be topped up with 1000 free credits on every anniversary of your account. If you are planning a big free promotional push you can buy extra credits for 1p or 1.5cents each.

I can't be bothered uploading tracks, can you do it?

Yes, please visit this page. You'll need to complete this form before you send us the album. Our admin fee to do this for you is normally £10, but until the end of May 2012 this service is FREE.