Joni Fuller
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Blockchain Revenue Share Single
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This project is a revolutionary way for music to be shared in a transparent and ethical way.
Contrary to the complex sounding description it is really quite a simple process!
The system combines elements of crowdfunding, limited editions (digital scarcity), digital currency and revenue share.
1. Overview
The concept is simple. Fans can buy and download a limited edition (300 copies only) EP from the Aurovine page using paypal or ADC (AudioCoin).
Whichever method is used, each buyer will be entitled to a copy of the EP and also allocated a share of the 'asset'.
The asset in this case is a 25% share in future revenue from the single through worldwide distribution sales on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc
Every month 25% of the sales revenue will be distributed to asset share holders.
2. How Do I Buy, I'm Not Into All This Technical Stuff?
If you wish you can simply use paypal and buy as normal. We'll allocate your share in our nominee account.(Think of the nominee account as a storage area from which revenue share can be paid)
You can check on the status of the shares at any time using this link
Once the revenue payments commence we will distribute the 25% share to the asset holders.
You can choose to have your revenue share as a standard paypal transfer (less paypal processing fee).
For those buyers who are a little more adventurous and don't want the hassle of paypal fees then the
Just enter your asset address when you buy the EP at Aurovine.
Asset addresses usually start with 'ak' e.g akTtNUpLB3BgEgnimh8JYT84svXfMUDdM2T
You will be able to create your own asset address when you create an account at coinprism.
3. What Happens Next?
If you've completed the steps above you can sit back and relax. Enjoy the excellent 3 track EP and
wait for the first revenue share. We will keep all asset holders regularly informed by email.