How Aurovine works for Record Labels

Aurovine Label Pages

Aurovine presents you with an easy way to manage your artists with a single login and full admin access control including sales reports and promotional widgets and tools. We have lots of features to enable fans to select genre's and browse at random, see who's popular in our genre charts or look at our recommendations. They can also search by genre, band name, album name or track name, so your bands will gain even more exposure on top of your own promotional efforts.

Design and Pricing

You can control your artists pages and prices, or you can set up additional login details for the bands to manage their own pages (But without access to any of your private financial data). You can set a minimum price - so fans can pay that price or contribute a bit more. Our research shows that fans will pay double the minimum on average! register now here

What do I get paid and how does the split work with my artists?

86% of every sale goes directly to you the label. You are then responsible for paying your artists based on your agreement with them. All independent labels registered with Aurovine are responsible for paying the artists they represent. We recommend that labels allow their artists to log-in and see their sales. We want to keep everything transparent.

Labels can register here

Can i use Aurovine as my online shop?

Yes, by default your artists shop front will have the URL We can even provide a subdomain so you can integrate aurovine seamlessly with your existing website and use it as your shop page. register now here

Can Aurovine distribute my label worldwide?

Yes, we have full worldwide distribution that you can opt into. We distribute to all the major platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play Music. Find out more here.

How does Aurovine promote my artists?

Our syndicated genre charts go out to relevant blogs and music websites. We'll also have specialist writers scanning the site for interesting music to blog about. Working on such tight margins we hope you'll tell your fans about Aurovine and help spread the word. We also have widgets and players to help you promote your music more effectively. register now here

How do the widgets and players work?

The music players (Widgets) are created for your artists albums and individual tracks, so you can promote any song or album you like on any website.

Our Players (Widgets) can be copied into any site (including Facebook, Wordpress, HTML etc). See the widgets in action here

There is also an FAQ on how to deploy the widgets here

We also have a promotions team who will be regularly updating the media and music news outlets with our genre charts and specialist recommendations. We also plan to submit our music charts to Soundscan, the biggest music chart compilers in the world.Promotion is something we offer pro-actively unlike many other online music sites. register now here

Does it matter that I am outside the UK?

Not at all. Our UK base helps us stay on the cusp of developments. The UK is known for pioneering and innovative music so even if you are not based in the UK you'll have the kudos of being part of a 'brit' label. You will, however, need to have a paypal account to receive payments. register now here

What's with the formats?

You upload your files as uncompressed WAV or AIFF files (or 320kbs MP3's) and we ensure the files are tagged and compressed ready for download. (We do have an option for you to mail in a CD if you don't have time to upload yourself). Fans can download in mp3, flac or wav format. mp3's are the smallest and quickest to download. FLAC files use non-lossy compression but are smaller than WAV files. WAV files are uncompressed, so take longer to download (we know there are still a few audiophiles left!). All our files are compatible with itunes and most music playing software. For more information on our sound files, see our FAQ section. Please note that if you upload 320kbps MP3 files then FLAC and WAV files will not be available to your artists fans. register now here

Any other reasons I should use Aurovine?

We think this is the most ethical way to buy and sell music on the web and we represent and keep alive the independent spirit of music. Bands and Fans control everything - from design to pricing. The empowerment of bands and fans creates a healthy social space. register now here

Anything I should know about pricing?

Please see our pricing page for full details of how you will be paid. There is also more information regarding the free download credits. register now here

How do I get paid?

We pay directly into your paypal account at the time of transaction.

What are the licensing options?

We offer 3 kinds of licensing.

All Rights Reserved - The standard default license that allows you to retain all rights over your music.

Attribution - (means: You allow others to copy, distribute, display and perform your copyrighted work - and derivative works based upon it - but only if they give you credit.)

Non commercial - (means: You allow others to copy, distribute, display and perform your work - and derivative works based upon it - but for non-commercial purposes only.)

I'm in. How do I get started?

Please have a look around the site. Once you have seen how user friendly our system is for bands, artists and fans you can register as a label here and start uploading.

I still need to know a few things

For any queries about using the site please see our FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question please write to us at [email protected]