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Every track you listen to on Aurovine has a Listen, Rate and Share feature. As you listen to the track you'll be asked to rate and comment on the track before sharing on Twitter or Facebook. This is optional but your ratings and reviews will help other fans discover music and it will also help the artists. You'll get AudioCoins each time you share your favourite tracks.

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Earn AudioCoins

When you join Aurovine we'll give you 50 AudioCoins for sharing your first track. Your coins are stored in your wallet on your profile page.

Then every time you listen to music you like, you can share for even more coins. The artist you are listening to also gets coins and we'll notify them when you share their music. This creates a unique partnership between artists and music fans!

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Follow Artists Users & Bands

Click the 'follow' button to be kept informed of news, gigs and releases from your favourite bands. All the artists you follow will be shown in your profile. It's a great way to keep in touch with your favourite artists.

When you share music we award AudioCoins to the artists which they can then spend on our promo packages to help them develop their careers even further!

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Spend Your AudioCoins or Convert them to Cash

As well as the free compilation albums available to you when you join, we also reward our loyal fans with further gifts. The more you use the site and the listen rate share feature, the more coins you'll get in your wallet.

You can transfer the coins to a currency exchange, earn interest in an offline wallet or use them to buy merch in our shop and on other websites.

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