So what is Aurovine?

Most online digital music sites have a complex network of distribution. They can be confusing and not altogether rewarding for the artists.

At aurovine we make it simple. The artists control their own music and pages selling directly to you the fans. The artist sets the prices and keeps the proceeds (less our small commission, to make the site function and keep it updated). Fans can interact more closely safe in the knowledge that they are making a positive contribution to the artists success.

We plan to submit our sales data to official chart sources. We also produce our own genre chards and syndicate these to online blogs, websites and music magazines, so you'll automatically benefit from increased promotion.

How much does Aurovine cost?

All Aurovine accounts are free, you could be selling music today. We use our independent roots to offer the best commission deal on the web. See our pricing page for more info.

Does Aurovine have any ownership rights in my music?

No, you retain full ownership. You simply grant us the permission to sell and stream the music on your behalf. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Can I continue to sell my music on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and so on?

Yes, Aurovine is non-exclusive. Obviously we hope you'll use Aurovine as your main sales outlet as it will generate the biggest commissions and enable you to set your own price.

My band already has its own official website, how does that work with Aurovine?

No problem, we automatically provide you with a subdomain (e.g myband.aurovine.com) so that your sales page will integrate seemlessly with your official page. You can link directly to your Aurovine page. We will be offering bespoke domain integration so that your Aurovine page even mirrors your own url in our next upgrade. Please contact us here for more information.

Can I upload other information, like bio, gigs, photos, etc?

We have a cool interface that enables you to upload this information (plus social media feeds) to make it easier to interact with your fans.

We're already on a zillion other sites, why should I be bothered about Aurovine?.

We're more of a indy label than one of those other 'vanity' sites. Our main focus is to generate transparent interaction and sales between the artists and the fans. In a nutshell, the fans get to pay what they want but the artists always have control over the minimum pricing.

We have tangible promotion for artists through our genre charts and specialist recommendations.

We're British (Bet that made you cheer or groan!). Our British base gives us the lowdown on what's happening beneath the surface. Because we have our finger on the pulse, many larger companies, talent scouts and sync licensing companies check out our site regularly.

Why do I need to upload WAV's or AIFF files? Can't I just upload mp3s?

A lot of fans still prefer premium quality sound files. Whilst mp3's have become the standard digital format, most serious music fans still want the choice. Our recommended file format for upload is WAV or AIF, however we're not going to be anal about this and you can upload mp3 files as long as they are 320kbps

But lossless files are pretty massive!

Ok, this is true, but you only have to upload once and we'll take care of all the conversions and meta-tagging. If you really don't want to upload you can send us a CD and we'll transfer everything for a small fee. (details here)

OK i'm in! So how do I get my tracks into AIFF or WAV?

You'll probably already have your files in WAV or AIFF format. If not there is a lot of software out there that will convert to this format. Itunes will convert to WAV or AIFF from CD (look in your iTunes preferences). You can also use Toast or one of the free cd rippers widely available.

And what about FLAC?

As above, if you want to save on file size and upload FLAC files, there are a lot of software options to do this. Just search for FLAC converters in Google.

What's the maximum upload size?

OK, we know there are ambient and progressive artists out there who don't consider a song valid unless it is over 20 minutes, so our maximum file size is 300mb. If this still isn't enough please contact support and we'll work around it somehow!

So Aurovine automatically adds metadata to all of my downloadable tracks?

Yes, we take the information you input and attach it to the tracks. Please complete as much of the info as much as you can. (We're only as good as the information you provide). You need to include album covers so everything will look ship shape in itunes and other music players.

What about mobile?

Our site is mobile optimised so you can even give out your page info after that last live gig you did (It went down a storm, right?).

How do the widgets and players work?

The music players (Widgets) are created for your albums and individual tracks, so you can promote any song or album you like on any website.

Our Players (Widgets) can be copied into any site (including Facebook, Wordpress, HTML etc). See the widgets in action here

There is also an FAQ on how to deploy the widgets here

Can I collect a fan's email address when I let them download a free track or album?

We enable this for you as a condition of the free download system. It's optional but you want to grow your database right?

How do I collect a fan's email address for paid downloads?

You'll be seeing each sale in your admin panel and each transaction will contain a name and email address.

Do you offer label accounts?

Yes, we do. If you manage a label, you can set all your artists up from one login and your own label admin area. Labels can register here

Does Aurovine rank high in the SEO charts?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important for you. When a fan types your name into Google, you want them to find your official site or your shop, right? We'll be concentrating on getting Aurovine into those listings for you. We have a background in internet marketing, software development and independent music - the perfect combination.

Will Aurovine place my music into iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc?

Yes. You can opt in to our worldwide distribution. If you are worried about streaming then you can choose our ethical distribution solution AUROVINE EX. For distribution of you rmusic through all channels choose AUROVINE STANDARD. More Info Here.

Can I upload covers, mixtapes or music with none approved samples to Aurovine?

No, you must control the rights to all the music you upload.

What format/quality are your streams?

They are 128kb mp3 files. Not great quality, but good enough to influence a buying decision.

I heard users could rip the music from the streams using fancy free stream rippers or temporary internet files?

Yes they can. Life sucks doesn't it. Maybe they can't afford or be bothered to pay. Either way they'll be hearing your music, and if they have a conscience they'll come back one day to buy your album or see your show.

Could we give them a 30 second sample instead?

Yes. You can choose to offer 30 second samples for all your music.

Can i ask some bands if they like it and if it would be a good idea for our band?

Check out our homepage for testimonials.

I'm buying into your independent ethos and spirit, can I help you by putting an aurovine button or banner on my page?

Yes, there's a fetching selection here.

Who is Aurovine?

A bunch of nerdy music geeks... What you need more? Our 2 main Directors are:

Ken Foster - Founder/Director

Ken is a music industry renegade who is always looking under the surface for different ways to do things. A technology follower who sees Aurovine as a perfect way to marry the two loves of his life. He's also been on music industry trade missions to Japan, France, Canada and The USA.

Mark Szymik - Founder/Lead Developer

Mark is a development wizard who has built successful ecommerce systems for industry. You'll find Mark obsessively reading Techcrunch and formulating cutting edge solutions for online business.



I can't get my music to upload!

1. It must be LOSSLESS. That is at least 16-bit/44.1kHz (CD quality). If you only have compressed mp3 files they must be 320kbps or our system will reject them. Not techie or can't be bothered? No problem send us your files (details here) and we'll do it.

2. Make sure you have a recent version of flash installed (That's what our uploader uses).

3. If your upload doesn't really start or zips across the bar too fast, you may have anti-virus software interfering with the process. Turn it off while you upload but remember to turn it back on again afterwards.

4. There can be occasional blips in the digital ether. If your upload doesn't complete, try it again, you'll get there in the end.

5. Still no joy? try a different computer. If that fails, check we're not in maintenance mode by visiting our home page. Still no joy? Email us and we'll get straight onto it.

Can I change the order of the albums and tracks in the admin area?

We'll show your latest releases first (by default). If you need to push that difficult third album you can set up a custom display order in your admin area.

How do I change the order of an album's tracks?

Go to 'edit release' and simply drag the tracks into the order you require.

How do I edit or delete a track?

See above. just hit the delete icon next to the track.

How do I delete my account?

Just email us and we will deactivate for you. You can unpublish your releases at anytime in your admin interface.

Can I set a release date to some time in the future, will my music be available before then?

Yes, just select a release date and your music will be hidden until then.

I can't log in.

Make sure you are using the correct username and password. Forgotten them? Visit our password recovery procedure.

Is it possible to sell physical items (like coloured vinyl, CDs, and frisbees) alongside downloads?

Yes you can, read about it here. You'll need to fulfill the physical items in every order.

If a fan buys two or more physical items, how are the shipping costs calculated?

You'll set the shipping costs for each package.

Can I list physical packages independently of albums?

Yes, many of our artists do this and offer 30 second samples as streams.

How do I embed a track or album on my blog, web site, facebook page, etc?

Use our widgets. Available as code to embed in your site or on social media.

I want to point my own domain to my Aurovine site. How?

The default address will be http://artistname.aurovine.com snappy huh? What you want a custom domain? No problem support and we'll sort it out.

Can I include bonus items in an album download?

Include as many bonus tracks as you like.

About your money

I want to sell my music on Aurovine. How?

Just sign-up. As long as you have a valid paypal account, you can start selling your albums, singles or EP's today.

What pricing performs best?

The short answer is that the default settings are the most effective. Leave your digital album priced at or near £6.50 UKSTG ($10 USD) with "let fans pay more if they want" checked, and you're good to go. Letting fans pay what they want is a masterstroke, as quite often they'll give you a bit more. They like the control and transparency of the system. Sell for less and you'll make more - crazy but true.

If you prefer to give your music away, set the price to zero, but leave "pay more if you want" checked. You'll be surprised how many people actually WANT to pay for music.

How much is PayPal's transaction fee?

Please see our pricing page here.

Do I need to pay tax on my income?

If any taxes are due in your locality, you are entirely responsible for paying them. Don't say we didn't warn you. The EU recently announced changes for digital sales to EU countries. We are part of the VAT MOSS scheme and will take care of this for you.