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We have a sophisticated search feature so you can select any genre and browse at random, see who's popular in our charts or look through our featured artists. Once you've logged in you can follow bands, create playlists, leave reviews and look what free gifts are on offer.

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The bands control their own pages and prices, so you'll see a lot of free downloads or 'pay what you want' releases.

Some artists will set a minimum, so you can pay that price or contribute a bit more if you are feeling flush!

86% of every sale goes to the artist

So you don't need to worry about any middle men or record company percentages.

How do I browse for music?

Use the browse page or search box and input your favourite genre, band, album or track - our system will usually come up with a match.

You can download in mp3, flac or wav format.

mp3's are the smallest and quickest to download. FLAC files use non-lossy compression but are smaller than WAV files. WAV files are uncompressed, so take longer to download (we know there are still a few audiophiles left!). All our files are compatible with itunes and most music playing software. For more information on our sound files, see our FAQ.

So I'm really helping the bands?

Yes. We think this is the most ethical way to buy and sell music on the web and we represent and keep alive the independent spirit of music.

Can I only pay by paypal

If you don't have a paypal account you can still pay through paypal with a credit card.

Do I need to register to buy?

You are not required to register or have an account to buy music but if you create an account or simply login with Facebook you can create a profile, follow bands, create playlists and be kept informed of our promotions and special offers. You can use Facebook or other profile to interact with the artists and fellow fans by posting comments beneath each album or track page. You will find a Facebook comment box at the bottom of each page, so if you are logged into your Facebook account you can just go ahead and post. (Note: all comments must be in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Acceptable Use.

I need some more information

For any queries about using the site please see our FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question please write to us at [email protected]