How does our system benefit creators and listeners?

Speaker with computerAurovine is a platform for independent music artists and fans that is putting the power back into the hands of the creators. It provides new ways to reward fans and artists for listening to and promoting their favourite music. All within an open and transparent framework.

Using the latest technology

We are powered by Blockpool’s blockchain technology and our own crypto currency called AudioCoin. By developing our own currency, we have been able to prepare a coin that works for the artist and fan. We partially pre-mined the currency and are pushing it directly to artists and fans who can then use it in numerous ways. Importantly, each AudioCoin does hold a financial value and is exchangeable for products, services other crypto currencies or converted into traditional currency (sometimes referred to as FIAT).

By using the blockchain, we have developed a decentralised system that uses an open and transparent data structure. The system ensures that when any activity (e.g. streaming) triggers a payment, it happens instantly, so royalty payments no longer need be waited for.

What can listeners do?

When a listener joins Aurovine, they get 50 free AudioCoins. You can also purchase them online with other digital currencies or with cold hard cash. You can also earn then with the Listen/Rate/Share programme at Aurovine.

  1. Listen to a song online
  2. Give it a rating
  3. Share it on your social media
  4. Get rewarded

Most importantly, they get easy, free and legal access to a vast range of independent artists, discover new music and help promote these songs to their friends. AudioCoins or traditional currency can be used to download permanent copies of any songs they wish to keep.

For the creators

Exposing your music to an engaged and passionate audience of music fans is the first benefit. You also get to earn money from your music.

  1. Each stream will see you receive AudioCoins.
  2. Receive free promotion through the Listen/Rate/Share programme.
  3. Instantly share your revenues to every part of the creative team.
  4. Use your AudioCoins for promotion packages and a distribution system through services including Amazon, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play.
  5. We have developed a marketplace where service providers across replication, studios, production, merchandise and paid promotion will promote their wares – all payable through AudioCoin.

This is an opportunity to take back control of your creative products and operate in a robust and transparent manner.

With the potential of AudioCoin, we foresee a whole ecosystem built around this innovative new solution.

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