Aurovine – Why we exist and what we want to achieve

Aurovine Logo

Aurovine is born of our love for music and a mission to deliver a fair and ethical platform for artists to realise the value of their work. We want to connect more deeply music lovers and artists around the world. Our aim is to bring transparency and openness to the music industry and provide a sustainable way forward for this creative industry.

Music is losing its value

With so many free ways to get music it has changed from something to cherish to a commodity to for consumption. We want to reverse that trend. Empowering both artists and fans and returning music to a special place in their lives. When so much is streamed for free or with fees that deliver so little value to artists, and primarily suggested by algorithms, the pleasure of creating and sharing goes away.

Bringing fans and artists together

At Aurovine, we are creating an open and transparent way for artists and fans to support and reward each other equally. We are not creating a new community or super-imposing ourselves. We use existing social networks to create a new virtuous circle. Using the dedicated Digital Crypto Currency AudioCoin, we are developing an open platform.

  1. Our listen/reward/share feature empowers fans to promote artists and songs that they like and be rewarded for doing so.
  2. Artists are rewarded for high ratings and each steam of their music.
  3. We will have a crowdfunding platform dedicated to music.

Our platform and currency create a direct connection between artists and fans. There is no middle-tier taking transaction fees, so artists receive the full amount they are expecting.

Finally, as our system is decentralised, we will be returning power and control to the artists – for it is for them to decide how this music revolution continues.

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