Joni Fuller makes history by releasing new limited edition single on Blockchain technology using Audiocoin

Joni Fuller Live

In a world first – the super talented virtuoso Joni Fuller will release her latest single ‘Everybody Says So’ using groundbreaking blockchain technology this November. In tandem with AudioCoin the music industry will finally break out of its fusty old shell.

We needed to pick an artist that was breaking new ground to fit with our innovative solution and Joni Fuller’s live show convinced us that we just had to work with her to help spread the word about her career in tandem with AudioCoin.

Confused about the blockchain? No need – it just makes everything super transparent, easy and gives clear and fair revenue splits to the artist, songwriter and others (anyone with a tangible stake in the making and promotion/distribution). Even fans can become an integral part of the project with an innovative crowd revenue share feature. There will only be 300 limited edition digital copies of the single featuring 2 extra specially recorded bonus tracks. Along with an official blockchain record of support, the 300 backers will also get a revenue share of worldwide sales using colored coin sidechain technology. The single is released on Nov 27th so keep an eye on Joni’s Aurovine page to get involved.

Following the limited edition release the single will also be available through the usual channels: itunes, amazon, google play, spotify etc – part of the proceeds from these worldwide sales will be passed back to the original backers!

The music industry is changing for the better. To be in with first dibs on this ‘first of its kind’ musical revolution you just need to be registered at AudioCoin or Aurovine and we’ll send you details of how to get involved.

The blockchain is a hot topic at the moment and Aurovine were the first to launch a serious workable solution. Aurovine users and artists have been accumulating AudioCoins for the last 3 months and during October they’ll be using them to buy music, merch, promo campaigns and of course to help artists through the social media integration.

If you haven’t used AudioCoins (ADC) yet, why not sign up to Aurovine and join our revolution!!

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