Aurovine’s New Platinum PR Package for Artists anywhere in the world

Aurovine partnering with industry quality, in Quite Great PR

Aurovine partnering with industry quality, in Quite Great PR

Aurovine is unique in the sense that it is not only building a reputation for really helping unsigned and independent artists develop themselves but also that it’s building a reputation for REALLY helping unsigned and independent artists develop themselves..!!

Having all the tools an artist needs to put themselves out there is actually fairly unique as no other website throughout world offers worldwide distribution, sync licensing and PR; and now we have added to our music PR portfolio by creating the Platinum PR Package.

Aurovine prides itself in being able to offer high quality low cost PR services which are affordable for bands and artists at all levels and these so called low cost services have already had good success throughout the world. However, it has been decided by the powers that be at Aurovine HQ that a new PREMIUM package was needed to help the serious artists get the correct level of professional help they need to target the industry media. Usually a closed shop for pluggers and PR agencies to rule unless you know someone, who knows someone who knows someone, getting professionally acclaimed PR in the UK is incredibly difficult.

But that has all changed now. Aurovine have partnered with world renowned music PR agency, QUITE GREAT PR, to offer a Premium bespoke service that although is expensive to most it is vey achievable and gives incredible value for money. Aurovine’s A&R Director Dave Blundell explains what the package is all about.

“This PR package is a break though product not only for Aurovine but for the Independent music market as well. It allows the small unsigned and independent to release an album or an EP and effectively stand toe to toe with the household names in the industry. In some ways we have levelled the playing field by using the bargaining power of Aurovine to create a bespoke package that was maybe only available to the more affluent label artists before now.”

Aurovine is already causing waves in the industry having released the AudioCoin earlier this year in Cannes. The Blockchain technology based on the Bitcoin protocol not only rewards fans for sharing music  that they discover on Aurovine with their unique coins (the ADC) but it also presents a solution for transactional transparency that has alluded the industry for so long in which the majors have benefitted so much from. As Blundell points out….

“you will very soon be able to buy all our PR packages with the AudioCoins you earn on the Aurovine website; you can buy a promo-boost PR package right now in fact..”

Times are a changing and it may just be worth backing Aurovine in the next era.

For more information on Aurovine’s PR packages and the Audiocoin (ADC) visit

or for more specific information on the Audiocoin

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