10 Reasons to sign up Aurovine.com


Aurovine.com is a disruptive online music platform where artists and bands can get closer to their fans:


Radically reconfiguring a particular field of business, as by implementing new technologies or a more competitive business model: potential high returns from investing in disruptive companies.

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Here are 10 very good reasons why you as an artist or you as a music fan should sign up to Aurovine.com right now:

1. Independent music is the life blood of the UK music market and yet it is on the decline because the distribution of money and therefore the professional development of new artists or bands is dwindling. Aurovine builds stronger more direct channels for the artist to reach the fans.

2. The Fan is empowered to promote whichever artist he or she likes and is rewarded for it by receiving Audiocoins, (ADC). www.audiocoin.eu

The Audiocoin is designed for artists to be rewarded fairly. www.audiocoin.eu

The Audiocoin is designed for artists to be rewarded fairly. www.audiocoin.eu

3. Aurovine.com is the first music site to use a crypto-currency (aka Blockchain technology) to reward artists and fans for the sharing of music.

4. Aurovine can provide all the services an artist will ever need to release material, promote it and monetise & track it through sync licensing or publishing deals. This is the only independent music site that allows you to manage all 3 aspects from one login.

5. Aurovine provides a marketplace where service providers for the music industry can sell their wares online, be it physical replication, studio services, production services, merchandise, anything music related most of which can be purchased using your Audiocoins that you earned sharing your favourite artists.

6. Aurovine privately promotes artists to the industry. If you are actively promoting yourself on the site, performing well in the charts, and your fan base is growing with lots and lots of shares……….it wont go unnoticed!

7. Aurovine has independent links in to China, Hong Kong and Malaysia for direct distribution where the Audiocoin can be used to buy music.

8. The Audiocoin is a currency like any other and can be traded on the exchanges for Bitcoins, other crypto-currencies and US dollars and even Euros on some exchanges. This means the currency is real and not based on tokens. Signing up to Aurovine is now an investment.

9. Aurovine.com will very shortly release the first ever Blockchain crowd funding platform dedicated to the music industry.

10. We are cool. And getting cooler by the day!

For more information and an easy to understand explanation on how Aurovine.com and the Audiocoin (ADC) works click here:




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