Aurovine at MIDEM 2015 – Transparency in the music business

A great panel at MIDEM on transparency and blockchain based music business models.

The Aurovine team were able to pose some interesting theories during the Q&A session. As AUDIOCOIN is the first serious digital currency for the music industry there was a notable sense of awareness that we were on  the cutting edge of a big change coming to the industry.

The panel was comprised Panos Panay who started Sonic Bids, Allen Bargfrede from Rethink Music, Brian Message – Music Managers Forum and manager of Radiohead, Katie Melua, Nick Cave etc, Michael Hendrix (IDEO) and Paul Hitchman (Kobalt)

There are a few startups working aggressively on this new way to consume and decentralise music consumption. Understandably there is a degree of push back from the major labels. Ultimately they are putting their fingers into the holes of the dam. Not unlike the internet/web revolution we believe it is only a matter of time before this becomes the most widespread method of music consumption

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