Aurovine launches the AUDIOCOIN at MIDEM

Free beer and an ADC Tutorial

Free beer and an ADC Presentation


Saturday the 6th of June 2015 was a historic occasion for Aurovine as the main event for the music tech start up unfolded. MIDEM is the biggest global music media event and AUDIOCOIN is live and kicking. The crowds started to emerge at bang on 4pm and we left it a short while before starting the presentation. It has to be said that FREE beer does bring in the rent a crowds but credit where credit is due the Bitcoin fans arrived in the droves as well.

The Aurovine Team

Aurovine founders: Ken, Mark and Dave

Aurovineers Ken, Mark and Dave even bought a TV on the Cannes main high street to show their AUDIOCOIN video presentation after finding out that there were no walls to project on such was their determination to make the desired effect.

 As the crowds rolled in and the AUDIOCOIN message was dispersed the enlightened faces were emerging across the crowd. Bitcoin technology is no easy subject so it is not expected to ring true straight away but this was an incredible step, nay bound, in the right direction.

Representatives from all around the world and potential distribution deals in those parts were muted the highlight being a potential AUDIOCOIN representative and distribution deal with an Australian distributor……watch this space.

AUDIOCOIN is real and now its live on at least 3 crypto-currency exchanges so its even available to buy.

The revolution is coming and its bringing it’s own  money.

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