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One of our favourite bands here on Aurovine – Spaceport Union are recording a new album as follow up to their debut ‘Flirting With The Queen’.

Described as an ‘eclectic amalgamation of progressive art rock’ the band received rave reviews for the debut with accolades such as the following from the Sonic Abuse fanzine: “Quite simply Flirting with the Queen is a triumph that will win the hearts and minds of all who hear it, and for progressive fans, it is an absolute must.”

Crowdfunding for the new album has already reached almost 40% (as of 15/12/14 with 59 days left) and there are a bunch of fantastic rewards for early sponsors. Head on over to the fundraising page to peruse the exceptional rewards on offer – psychedelic vinyl package anyone?

The band have given us permission to include their brand new video for ‘Yer Battery’s Dyin’, a track from the ‘Flirting’ album recorded in one take live at Sugar Nightclub. A sublime multi-layered concoction of sonic delights, the track reminds one of Early Pink Floyd fused with Radiohead and King Crimson (with a little bit of Talking Heads thrown in for good measure!). A joy to watch for it’s sheer abstract non conformity:

The pre-selling of the new album is to help fast-forward the release in the Spring 2015. A new track is due out later this month and anyone who supports the fundraising campaign will get it in advance of the release in the new year. As well as lots of other cool rewards to choose from.

For Aurovine listeners – the first album, ‘Flirting with the Queen’ is free to download for a limited time from the bands Aurovine page. If anyone donates £5 or more, they will also get a digital copy of the new album when it comes out, and get a download of the first track before it is released, as a bonus.

I was blown away by this band. If like me you want to find out more, head on over to the bands official website now!

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