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Since the dawn of the Napster music file sharing system, the music industry has struggled to cope with technological change. The major labels successfully sued Napster for copyright infringement but failed to recognise the opportunity offered by the technology that Napster developed. In short Napster were able to decentralise the commodity (i.e music tracks) and that decentralisation was not addressed by the law suit.

When Napster was forced to close, Apple came up with a plan to distribute music online in a linear fashion through iTunes. They saw the potential of revenue share with the labels and the model proved successful for a few years. In the meantime lots of decentralised services (or Napster clones) proliferated and the industry found that litigation was unworkable on the scale needed.

Spotify (partly owned by the major labels) sought an answer to the decentralisation problem. They offered a streaming service whereby music fans could pay a small monthly subscription and download unlimited tracks. Although the labels benefit from this model through large licence fees and ambiguous revenue distribution, the artists suffer because their revenue is much smaller. It was estimated that an artist would need to sell over 250,000 streams a month on Spotify just to earn the minimum wage.

Spotify is clearly not the answer.

Aurovine circumvents this problem by enabling consumers to stream, download & buy music on their own terms. Artists control the degree of empowerment given to fans.

More importantly our virtual currency tackles the crux of the problem that the industry has been unable to solve. Instead of worrying about the decentralisation of music we aim to decentralise the acquisition of music with our Audiocoin

Aurovine is taking the music business to the next level and offer you the artist and the fan a new opportunity to be involved in something incredibly exciting. Aurovine now feel it is time to offer you the chance to be part of our development and growth, the chance to invest in the company in return for shares in the business. Through the ongoing development of the platform  and the building of the database plus the developing revenue streams Aurovine have been valued at nearly a quarter of a million pounds, it has been ranked 34th out of a 977  companies in the music sector with growth awards in July and August and is now looking for investment to the growth to the next level.

Being a music-tech start up, Aurovine prides itself on being at the cutting edge of combining music technology and digital business strategy to give the unsigned and independent artist a chance of success and with our existing services and exciting new innovations. With your help Aurovine will be able to develop its business strategy in order to continue its projected growth!

The plan

To offer 12% of the company in return for £30,000. Aurovine has been valued at £220,000 and therefore a 12% share of the company has been offered to the public to raise funds to help us achieve the objectives of the next phase.

The objectives

Raise £30,000:Music Promotion for Independent Bands

  • to further develop the platform offering more services and advanced functionality
  • Improve and automate our worldwide distribution & synchronisation
  • to increase the level of marketing substantially around the site functionality particularly around the development of the brand
  • to grow the user base to ensure more people know about the music we showcase
  • develop relationships within the industry to enhance the reputation of Aurovine and all it’s artists


but that’s not all…….our latest innovation is a real game changer……


As I mentioned earlier, Aurovine plans to start a music revolution…!! A large part of the platform development is to develop its own crypto-currency.

The beauty is that if you invest in Aurovine you are allocated a number of coins to trade with for FREE. You can find out more about what the AUDIOCOIN is and how it will work here.

Sign up to Aurovine and become part of  the industry, and that s great, BUT…..invest in Aurovine and you become a music pioneer in a brave new world.

So, what’s next?

You simply click on this link and sign up to the equity investment site (financially regulated to look after you and your money of course, Aurovine do it right!!) follow the questions and fill out the details and invest as much as you feel comfortable with before the deadline before Thursday the 25th of September and you will literally be golden.

How much do I need to invest?

As much as you want from as little as £10.

Where can I find out more about crypto currencies?

You can find out more here:

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