The Redemption of Unquiet Nights

21st Century Redemption Songs is a must listen....

Badly Drawn Boy, Paul Dano and an Italian bloke find a camera phone in the woods…..genius!

Those of you who may remember the Aurovine radio show a year or so ago we played these guys quite a bit. Unquiet Nights are made up of Irish-Italian blood and they do remind you of that all memorable Irish Coffee with an extra injection of caffeine and whiskey; its raw but its real and although influences are clearly driven from the great indie rock era of the 90’s this genre will just not go away!

You hear the song writing clarity of the likes of the Water Boys and Crowded House, and yet it carries an edge that is more reminiscent of Snow Patrol and even ASH, mostly Irish bands you notice. Id throw the Goo Goo Dolls, the pixies and Haven in as well to stir in a little moodiness to this party. Great music for the teen angst and distant hopeful…..

21st Century Redemption Songs is a mixture of raw indie rock n roll of 80’s and 90’s influence and its great. I think with a little direction this could fit in to a modern world. People still need to hear this kind of music live and they will always pay for it – that in itself is testament to what these guys are trying to do. They are indeed trying to tell a story that has been told before but they are doing it in their own way its like one of the Gospels written 200 years after the event but only 20 years later – its told in an independent way, an underground way, an exciting way  and like the Gospels maybe their story is more exciting than the truth but isn’t that what we demand from our story tellers……the lead singer has a look of Paul Dano, a favourite actor of mine and very talented and extremely perceptive, and if Dano was in a band I believe it would sound like this.

For all you film buffs who like an independent movie check out Paul Dano in ‘For Ellen’ its a top top movie about a struggling rock star trying to make it in the real world;….I love life’s little ironies!!

…..but what strikes me best of all is that, of course we can say that this has done before and if you find yourself saying that while reading this then I say its you in particular who should be buying this album because if you enjoyed discovering the indie scene way back when, then you will enjoy this because it does make you think you are discovering it all over again.

Trust me, have a listen.. it really does!

article by Dave Blundell

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