Aurovine heads for IndieWeek Ireland 1

indie week ireland

An Aurovine delegation is heading over to IndieWeek Ireland this week to take in the acclaimed independent music series which also takes place in Toronto, Canada in October.
We’ll be on judging duty Friday night and we’re also looking forward to seeing some stunning emerging acts such as previous winners Dearly Beloved and Sumo Cyco.

Indie Week is a music festival showcasing independent artists in front of music industry personnel.

As an artist-friendly festival, each act is listened to in the selection process and chosen on their musical merits. This means the acts aren’t lost in a giant band stew. What’s more the winners of IndieWeek Canada get an expenses paid trip to showcase at IndieWeek Ireland and vice versa!

Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved

It’s about the music, not the competition. It’s about giving the underdog a chance. It’s about networking, learning, and sharing ideas. It’s about getting a leg up in the near impossible landscape of the music business.

IndieWeek Canada also includes a Music Conference and the 2014 event will see the 2nd year of it’s very own Independent Film Festival RIFF

Acclaimed producer Avi Federgreen (One Week, Still Mine, Moon Point) takes on the RiFF role of executive director. His mandate: to support filmmakers’ music-oriented stories – in the forms of independent short and feature-length films, and music videos.

We’ll have a full report from Ireland when we return. Keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates and pictures.


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