Sheffield Steel is Blue – Heath Dwetht sings the blues

Singing about all the blues of the rain

Singing about all the blues of the rain

Life in Sheffield has had its ups and downs over the years from the booming years of Steel production to the Full Monty it’s never far from the news. The latest talent emerge from its industrious streets is Heath Dwetht who has a different take on life. The Arctic Monkeys and Rev and the Makers have been the most recent sensations of Sheffield talent and Def Leppard before that but Heath has decided to take it down a notch, kick back and play the blues.

Heath’s latest track to be showcased on Aurovine at the moment is RAIN 2014 and although there is very little information out there about the  artist at the moment I would assume from the title that there other versions of this track perhaps from previous years……..and why not, Sheffield sits right at the base of the Pennines and ‘dunt arf get its fair share of rain’….!!!

Ironically, with the title in mind and after giving the track a listen it gave me a real sense of nostalgia immediately, not entirely sure why but it took me back to me sixth form days and reminded me of a multitude  of days sat in the common room looking out of the window at the rain in a free period in between lessons. This was way back in the early nineties and if I’m being honest there is nothing particularly nineties about the track apart from the underlying Jazz elements you can pick up on that give it a similar feel  to George Michaels ‘Older’ record so I ended up putting it down to the vibe of  of the track. Its a track that reminds me of  a time when things were simpler, a time where I was at peace with the world and a time where I could cherish looking out of the window at the rain and just feel inspired.

I guess you have to hear it…… to feel it.

Heath Dwetht’s Rain 2014 can be found at

Article by Dave Blundell

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