Belvadere Success at HMV

belvadere‘We have had so called signed bands play here before but its never been this popular’ . HMV was busy but a little more busier than expected it seemed if you happened to be talking to the staff of HMV in Blackpool on Saturday afternoon. Belvadere were in store performing their latest tracks and making more friends. The first of a number of in-store gigs had the staff at HMV highly encouraged that this was a very good idea. Passers by were sucked in to see what the commotion was about and more importantly stuck around to see the set through, some taking cards, some buying an EP – some even had their new purchase signed by the band as well!!

It goes without saying that there is some risk attached to bringing in live music to a high street store even though music is the business’s livelihood; some spend a lot of time and money in HMV because they can hide away for a couple of hours perusing the world of film and music and finding out what’s new. What HMV don’t want to do is lose these regulars, they want to add to them and if any concern was felt before the event they needn’t have bothered.

New comers old and young found their way in attracted by the playful tunes Belvadere were churning out with aplomb. Its one thing to even get a gig in a store of the music worlds most well known retailer but to actually ‘own it’ for half  a hour was something special to behold. Because Belvadere are liked by many different people of different backgrounds and different ages, that’s the nature of folk and its perception in the pop world today, I liken these guys to a giant of pop who have bewildered many themselves and still do today. Not for the music as it doesn’t get much different, however, Depeche Mode were categorically a keyboard based, new romantic pop band that through the majority of the last 30 years could sell out stadiums  that only Rock bands could fill – it defied all physics and proven music trends!!!!

And similarly, when you look at Belvadere as a simple  modern folk orientated 3 piece you can’t help but feel that the next gig they play however big or small that they should be headlining rather than supporting………watch this space?!

Belvadere’s latest EP – Faded Memories is available on

……….maybe now is a good time to invest!



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