Aurovine – Top Tracks of 2013

The wait is over! After our first full year we can now announce the most popular tracks of 2013 as decided by the fans.

These are the 50 most popular tracks on the Aurovine site in 2013.

1. Machines Dream: Boundaries
2. The Bedlam Kids: Angel On A Pedastal
3. Darrel Treece-Birch: Such Love Is This
4. Looking-Glass Lantern: The Blue Carbuncle
5. Wasteland: Selina
6. XpekT: Stardust
7. Dropshard: Winter Days
8. Six Weeks In Orbit: My Heavy Heart (DEMO)
9. Nth Ascension: The Prize
10. Heath Dwetht: THE MARIJUANA SONG
11. Harry Rowland: Rosie
12. 350teric: Exogen
13. Beg For Eden: Hands Flail (Explicit)
14. OK Chorale: Bristol
15. Trojan Horse: Mr Engels says…
16. Christer Johansson: I’ll take your pain
17. Lumpybits: The Baby Song
18. Sarah Sokal: I Believe
19. Idoleyes: Come With Me
20. Dikital: Floating Ice
21. Baskyl: First Blossoms at Dawn
22. The Distractions: I Don’t Have Time
23. The Inner Road: Day of the Sun
24. The Blacklight: Smoke Rings
25. Belvadere: Lay Your Anchor
26. The Minstrel’s Ghost: Avalon Part 1
27. Takaaki Ishikawa: Kyoto city
28. IT: God Is Dead
29. John Edwards & Nicky Russell: Gavotte en Rondeau from Suite in E Major – J.S. Bach
30. Visual Silence: Primal Scream
31. Jensen Code: The Ink Void
32. Steph Fraser: Pretend
34. Ikka: Main Hoon ikKa ( Music JSL Singh )
35. MRK2: Break Out
36. Laurence Made Me Cry: All That Patience Brings
37. Jonathan Grass: Hopper’s Women
38. Neo Star Nova-Z: Falling From the Sun
39. Gateless: Ucigasii de muzica (The music killers)
40. Orchestre Celesti: Black & Red
41. Eveline: apples from the electric tree
42. Subtilu-Z: D. Mihailovs ‘Copy – Paste’
43. Gardenback: Eucharist
44. The Unplaced Sessions: Romance in a Crash
45. L J Harris: Cherry
46. Kathy Yolanda Rice: The Taxi Phone
47. Matt Stevens: Nightbus
48. hooyoosay: All sold out
49. Dark Patrick: Chugaister
50. Andy Phillip Hatchett: U.F.O .11

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