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Forgive us for labouring over the issues of piracy, streaming and illegal downloads but if feels like we’re becoming evangelists for honest and factual reporting.

Our latest soapbox concerns the article by Mike Wheatley on The Silicon Angle website entitled ‘Music Industry Shoots Itself In Foot Over Illegal Downloads’.

The gist of the article is that a big chunk of the material on torrent portals isn’t actually for sale anyway, so hey, it must be ok then!! The music industry must be dumb for not selling this stuff!

Much as it pains us to defend the music industry, this article is misleading in the extreme. For a start off, it is well known and common practice (unlike the music industry) for the film industry to delay the release of new films until a full cinema run and quarantine period has been completed. So it’s a safe bet to conclude that dodgy copies of movies filmed on basic equipment in the cinema or leaked preview copies will surface on torrent sites. So how is that consistant with ‘Music Industry Shoots Itself In Foot Over Illegal Downloads’.??

I’d wager that much of the music on torrent sites that is ‘unavailable for sale’ will be bootlegs and live recordings. These have been around since the sixties and are usually the preserve of hardcore fans who already have all the particular artists official work.

The data linked to in the article on Piracy.org only mentions movies. Why the Music headline has been used is a total mystery.

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  1. Reply Naomi Neuts Oct 22,2013 12:55 am

    We did find (and report) a piracy issue involving SoundCloud, where those who were offering their songs for sale (through the ‘buy’ button feature) were having their streams captured and diverted using a script from this piracy site and offered for pro bono download. We ended up removing our SoundCloud contents and will be replacing it with previews only, just as they are in the stores. It’s a shame, really, but if it’s not dealt with right away it will only become worse in the future.

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