Naomi Neuts – ‘Voice Prints’ Hits Charts Early

Naomi Neuts - Voice Prints Cover

In a previous blog we reported on the remarkable reception to Naomi Neuts’ first single ‘Mosaic‘, a haunting reflection on life that showcased Naomi’s exceptional voice interwoven with a beautiful but accessible classical arrangement.

As well as getting positive reviews the song picked up a sync deal for a film by FilmAid International!

Naomi’s approach to her output and the shark infested waters of the Music Industry has been to ‘dip in the toe’ gauge reaction and then use constructive feedback to mould her next moves. Along with partner and composer Derek they painstakingly craft their arrangements before taking the multi-tracks into a high end studio for further mixing and refinement.

As of the end of September  Naomi is #49 on the ReverbNation chart and has accumulated over 2,000 Facebook fans and over 400 fans from other social media outlets, not to mention fans and listeners on Jango (2,000+).

Voice Prints is another ethereal haunting piece and benefits from a more stripped back feel. The superfluous percussion that was the only slight glitch on Mosaic has gone and the strings and piano are left to complement the vocal.

Naomi is gathering hundreds of fans every week on her social profiles and is concentrating on building a fan base before embarking upon any substantial multi song projects and so far everything seems to be falling into place.

You can listen to Voice Prints below

Naomi’s Aurovine Page 

Naomi’s Facebook Page


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