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Aron will be performing live on Aurovine TV

Aron will be performing live on Aurovine TV

Aurovine TV will be filming it’s inaugural show this coming November in an attempt to revolutionise artist promotion. As part of the music promotion platform Aurovine TV is set to ROCK your world with its own version of classic interviews, live performance and location footage of the artists.

Your job is to simply tune in and discover new music….

The first session will be recorded live and then shown at a later date yet to be confirmed but subsequent shows will be filmed and streamed live on the internet to allow for audience participation. Fans of the band can tune in and ask a question live through a chat room monitored by Aurovine staff as well as industry representatives who will be tuning in to give feedback either live on the show or later in the forums and social media sites.

Aurovine Director Dave Blundell explains the importance of the live aspect….”..the whole concept is based on showcasing real talent live on the internet in front of the people that matter, industry and most importantly, the fans. We want the whole experience to be interactive with as many people a we can reach and hopefully we can make a name for someone, including ourselves…”

Another unique aspect to this project is the funding. Each show is to be funded by the increasingly popular means of crowd funding and Aurovine have invested in their own crowd funding platform, to help oil the cogs, as it were. The artist asks its fan base to contribute to the target cost of the show and in return they get a limited edition DVD of the show itself with their name listed in the credits. This can be seen and explained more clearly by clicking through to this page:

The show is filmed at Berlin Studios at Caxton House in Blackpool by new and up and coming events film crew, Globegig and everyone is excited to be involved and believe it can only be a good thing for Blackpool as a whole as the town is making great efforts to re-establish itself back on the UK’s elite Entertainment Map. The acts invited to mark the occasion are also local and representative of the talent that is abundant in the area.

Dave Blundell adds, “we have Aron Paul and Belvadere performing on the first show and we couldn’t be happier. Aron has been around for a good few years now and is a seasoned singer songwriter and a fine performer with a number of albums to his name and Belvadere are a  young three piece folk/pop outfit who are tipped to go far. This is exactly the kind of talent we want Aurovine and Aurovine TV to be known for…..we couldn’t have hoped for a better start.”

Dates for the first show are to be confirmed but the public will be informed in due course.

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