Aurovine Launches 3 New Music Promo Packages

Aurovine PromoBoostPlus

The high demand for affordable but effective promo packages has seen us launch 3 new music promo packages.
PromoSplash ($29) is our budget promo offering SEO enriched blog posts and reviews along with a radio feature on our own mixcloud station.

Our popular PromoBoost ($75) package is a a full monthly package with extended reviews and social features along with music player exposure and press release functionality. PromoBoost is an intense package that involves a lot of manual labour that many artists just don’t have time to do themselves.

Our highest spec package is PromoBoostPlus ($145) which includes an extended feature in our video podcasts and an industry appraisal and SongClout score. This leads to an Aurovine Award that can be used in your press kit and website. Find out more here.

IT Band at Aurovine

Kraul recommend Aurovine Promo Packages

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