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Music Promotion for Independent BandsAurovine is a wonderful tool and empowers is a wonderful word. It means to give power to where previously there was not and a good way to describe Aurovine is to say exactly that; Aurovine empowers the artist to be manage their own destiny. The biggest issue facing most if not all bands, artists and DJ’s is promotion. How do you promote yourself without a marketing budget so that you can be seen and heard above everybody else trying to do the very same thing?!

The bottom-line is it will need a lot of hard work and know how with a huge slice of determination and resilience to boot?!

So why Aurovine? Simple, its a professional tool for the music industry that gives you the ability to release your own material professionally using all the right channels and codes and THEN helps you promote the release to the rest of the world.

The Aurovine Promo-boost packages are inexpensive and effective and can be used regularly over the course of the year………after the first 12 months you will be able to see stats on how far and wide your reach has become and hopefully, if done regularly, you will start to see some increased revenue giving you the well earned fruits of your/our labour?!

We intentionally priced the packages at a reasonably low cost because  an artist or band will need to do this on a regular basis to start building up the momentum and gain maximum effect.

Platinum Badge From PromoBoostPlus Promotional Package From Aurovine

Dave Blundell, A&R director explains, “Typically you would use something like this to promote an album or a single or a tour maybe so that your audience is aware that the event is approaching and to either buy early or be ready to buy by such a date. The longer the promotion before the event the better the uptake……… is better that there is an event to give the audience a call to action to either pre-order the track or buy the ticket to the gig, as a promo-boost to simply promote a band exists would probably be fruitless. Once you are ready to release a single you need to tell as many people about it as possible and this is the perfect and affordable way for the independent artist to do that.”

Aurovine plan to bring more new and exciting ways to reach your audience so log in to the website to stay up to date for all the latest information on the promo-boost product set.



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