Bands and Artists doing it for themselves – MUSIC DIY – a 20th century cautionary tale

the landscape is changing

Not just the weather that’s changing…

A close friend of mine was telling me how it used to be in the music industry. How he and his artist, his step son, used to be wined and dined by the big wigs in the states, with  the likes Geffen and George Michael eating at their table. Money seemed to be no object to them and was spent l like it was going out of fashion.

Things were about to change in the industry and weren’t too far ahead from the people around the table…George Michael in particular feeling the brunt of what happens when  you fall foul of one the bigger boys with his Sony court case. 25 years later the very same artist my friend managed now has to fund his own albums as the label cant afford to stump up the cash.

As soon as the internet arrived the men who thought they were in control of the industry found themselves at the helm of dinosaur companies too feed themselves or their younglings on the scraps  that were left from the pillaging and piracy that the internet had enabled.

The landscape had changed and with it the players also had to change and those who were the quickest to adapt survived. But ……and there is always a but in good cautionary tales, there seems to be  paradoxical element to this story which presents real opportunity for those who want to make it in this industry.

Technology versus work ethic

It was explained to me in a sci-fi documentary that the idea of aliens coming to earth and being intellectually advanced would in fact be untrue. We know that for aliens to even make it to earth the alien race would have to be incredibly technologically advanced but this does not necessarily mean intellectually so….experiments today have shown that the more we advance technology the less we need to use our own intelligence – which turn as we all know ifyou don’t use it, you lose it?!

As the internet provides us with more and more ways to sell ourselves, promote ourselves to audiences so much larger than we have dreamed of 20 years ago the less we as individuals are inclined to ‘work’ at it.

So as the internet expands and changes the landscape of the music industry where we can now DO IT YOURSELF – music DIY is the name of the game but we just cant be bothered because its too much like hard work!!

Here at Aurovine we are building a whole set of tools and services that any artist who can be inclined to do so can use or buy depending on what is on offer and promote themselves and if you are one of those people who like to work hard from what I can see you are going to do a lot better than most people out there. And that’s something that hasn’t changed and probably never will!!

Watch out for Aurovine TV coming soon – helping artists and bands get in front of the industry people that count.


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