Summer Is Here!, Things Are Getting Better! – Introducing hooyoosay! 1

hooyoosay - don't you lie to me

Bluesy quirky pop with a touch of Vaudeville is a somehow inadequate stab at describing the wonderful and slightly eccentric world of hooyoosay.

Listening to the new EP consisting of Don’t You Lie To Me and Yooplaaa! you could be forgiven if you assumed hooyoosay were ‘happy go lucky’ comedy pranksters but rather this EP marks a slight summery departure from a more guitar blues orientated band that shuns new technology in preference for vintage analogue gear and an earthier recording process.

There’s a colour faded 60’s retro feel which – like their penchant for segueing videos and songs – seems to fit perfectly with an innocent take on counter-culture. At times reminding me of Squeeze and Flipron and yet on songs like Time Is On My Side and Who’s Been Sleeping Here from their album of lesser known Rolling Stones material you can appreciate the earthy blues valve amp sound that permeates their catalogue.

The latter tunes are from the French band’s full length In Dekay – a veritable treat for fans of sixties flower power and further reworkings of the more obscure Rolling Stones songs. You are transported back in time to simpler world when guitars were guitars, vocals were vocals and coolness was invented! A range of styles from country, rock and roll and blues across 22 tracks will interest Stones aficionados and lovers of back to basics blues rock alike. Listen to the album and download here.

Aside from their material, little is known about hooyoosay. My guess about them being French is purely based on speculation. Furthermore, no contributors are mentioned (hence the name) and the polish suggests that this project could be one big secret!

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  1. Reply Danniela Lucas Jul 10,2013 1:53 am

    Very nice EP! This new songs are very fun to listen with.

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