Fundervine – Crowd Funding is getting bigger….!!!

Crowd funding

Crowd funding is becoming more and more popular

Crowd Funding is a term which is slowly but surely creeping in to everyone’s vocabulary. And not only in the music industry. There is even talk about peer to peer funding making the traditional banking system obsolete eventually!!! How true this is, or how far away that may be is uncertain, but one thing  is for sure Fundervine is up and running and here to stay.

Aurovine identified this opportunity early and set up Fundervine to give music makers and film creatives the opportunity to help find their own projects. In a world where funding is becoming more and more scarce as rising costs far out way static wages (for most) we have to be creative in how we fund our projects especially in the creative industries.

An article in the Independent about David Fincher, the director behind ‘Fight Club’ and ‘The social network’, talks about him looking toward ‘crowd funding’ as a real viable option for investing in his next film even though everyone thinks that even he wouldn’t have a problem finding funding from Hollywood’s money men.

Corporate businesses are now in on the act and are finding ‘crowd funding’ a great way to leverage private investment that doesn’t involve the banks who seem hell bent in trying to take down the economy rather than grow it. However, where there is money is also the rot as this type of funding requires regulation to follow swiftly before people are seriously out of pocket.

However with Fundervine, we are for films and music only, we are FSA regulated and we are good to go. If you have a creative project you need to find then you need to consider crowd funding and you can find out all about via this link.

More news will on this as it grows but if you want to know more, just ask……


written by Dave Blundell

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