Kraul says Blackpool is more than just Rock

Kraul in a rare peaceful and 'Colour Full' moment....

Kraul in a rare peaceful and ‘Colour Full’ moment….

Blackpool has had its fair share of press over the years and in more recent times most of it not so good! Kraul are an exquisite blend of Blackpool Rock however not many people know about and, quite frankly, should!

No-one who loves rock music would begrudge the hard hit town of using the over used ‘Blackpool Rock’ pun that is so over used in the media because like the phrase the town is universally perceived as being ‘tired’ but there is far more to the town’s rock scene than many give credit for. For names like Lemmy, John Sykes, Robert Smith, Ian Anderson and Aurovine band Section 25  have crafted parts of their trade here over the last 35 years and its young bands like Kraul who are typical of the underlying talent that the town neglects to boast about today.

Kraul will tell you differently, their enmity to glory and fame presents a paradox to their music. They admittedly write for themselves and a small minority  but the songs that we hear deserve a much bigger audience. ‘Coloured Out’ is a brand new track from Kraul that toys with this juxta-position right in front of you, there on the stage and presents the ultimate argument to any self confessed muso watching – because in their heads they are hearing a playful taunt that says, ‘yes I know I’m paying with your musical conscience but even so a part of you still wants to get on the dance floor and let go….doesn’t it?

You decide.

review by Dave Blundell

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