Andy Murray has music on his mind……

Andy Murray with David Cameron

Murray, to the right of David Cameron, and all the tour competitors relax to music before games….

Andy Murray faces the biggest two weeks of his year this coming week as Wimbledon is now underway. It is clear now within any sporting genre that  music plays a large part in a sports persons mental preparation for either a game or event in a very big way. The image of footballers descending from a coach and being whisked in to their stadiums wearing the biggest and brightest headphones you will ever see  is common place in most sports, and the same can be said for Rugby, Cricket and Golf now as well to name a few. Whether it’s primarily for product placement reasons or simply to avoid the intrusive demands from the close media for  a ‘quick word’ music has always played a part in preparing the mind.

Andy Murray explains that on tour as the players prepare for games there can be anything up to 120 people in the changing areas, players, coaches, stewards and medical staff so the noise can be deafening at times. Therefore in order to drown all this noise out putting on the endorsed headphones and kicking back to some tunes is the ideal way to steady the mind as well as the nerves.

But as Andy Murray prepares for probably his most anticipated challenge yet on the courts in SW19, being tipped by many of his peers to win it this time round what will he be listening to before the big games to help him deal with the incredible pressure?

Speaking about his views on music, Andy told Newsbeat’s Mike Williams:

‘I’ve been listening to a lot of John Mellencamp ‘ quite old. I like Ed Sheeran. I like Pharell’s songs just now. They’re pretty good ‘ the one with Robin Thicke as well.’

Hopefully, this year the lines won’t be so blurred for Andy.

edited by Dave Blundell

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