the music industry is changing, but has the way we do business changed?…..explore the art of crowdfunding!

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crowd funding for music events and goals is the way forward

Part 3 – Involve your Audience – ‘Fundervine’ and the art of crowdfunding

I always remember during my time as an IT salesman, a then boss once taught me a phrase he used a lot in our business meetings, “people buy off people……” and everyone who he spoke to would smile and nod in agreement.

Amanda Palmer gave a brilliant 15 minute presentation at TED about new and unusual ways in which to connect with your audience. She based the general concept around crowd/fan interaction – for example, she would never use hotels on tour; she simply Tweeted her audience and invariably she would be offered a couch or floor to crash on each time without fail and they loved her for it……….

Like Depeche Mode Amanda used the idea of being close to her audience and understanding it from their point of view to her advantage. There are lots of useful social tools, online music tools and online promotional tools available today to help you as an artist. Amanda Palmer created a project on ‘Kickstarter’ a crowd finding platform for raising money for all sorts of projects. They needed $100,000 dollars and by the end of the exercise 25,000 of her fans had given over 1.1m dollars. The reasoning behind this is simple – involve your audience. They loved the fact that pretty much everything that she did she involved the audience, they wanted to be involved, she asked them to be involved and they obliged. Amanda had been employing these techniques since she left college interacting with an audience all the way through and has benefited because of it. Don’t expect to go out and start a venture and a million dollars come your way……there is a work ethic to follow as well.

We at Aurovine believes the future of the music industry is based on how bands and artist at all levels interact with their fan-base. One example we have suggested is for a band or artists to promote, sell and interact with their audience all within one process.  Regardless of how established you are as band if you have a big enough fan base you can make a crowd funded project work. With Fundervine, ( you have 90 days for your fan base to pledge money to your project and hit the total revenue target. The project may be a festival, a one event, a web stream, an album recording or anything that involves music or film basically and requires help funding it. By involving your fans within the process early means we can all achieve a lot more and everyone is happy. Check out the possibilities today and see how Fundervine can work for you.

Depeche mode understood that their music wasn’t for everyone but strongly believed that if they looked after their audience they would look after them. As the song goes, “People are People, so why should it be, that you and I should”………erm, do things any differently????

article by David Blundell

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