Music Videos – Should I have one…..

Bands need to look at having a video that represents them correctly.....

Bands need to look at having a video that represents them correctly…..

Music videos have been used around the industry  for a while now. MTV launched in 1981 and the first video ever shown on the ground breaking channel was ‘Video killed the radio star…’. This is one of the most popular pub quiz questions around the world and each time its met with mirth…! For at the time people in and around the music industry felt the whole landscape was about to change, that the quality of the industry output was to be turned upside down and inside out as the focus shifted from talented singers and musicians to cute smiles and tight jeans.

But we never looked back…….its funny that just over 30 years later on digital stations such as Globegig radio play music videos that help enhance the radio stations position of cutting edge; ironically video is now helping promote the radio star! In fact never before has video been so important to the aspiring artist young or old. With the likes of YouTube in particular, perceived as the second biggest online search engine in the world, the opportunities to be gained having a video in the mix is incredible.

Since the start of MTV, for example, the A&R model in particular has gone from trudging from one smoky venue to the next every weekend and every other week day to sitting in front of a PC, at home trawling through thousands of hopefuls in the comfort of their own homes.

Not even the producers of MTV all those years ago would have thought the unsigned and independents of this world would be able to monetize their own video with a platform that gives access to millions worldwide, that had been no where near a TV camera or national radio station.

But it can…so do you need a music video? What do you think….

There are many people who can shoot music videos out there and you have to find who you are comfortable with yourself. The important this is to be professional, maintain control over the artistic license and above all make sure that the image portrayed is a good representation of who you are and what you are trying to be; because if A&R happen to stumble across  your video then you have one chance to impress……which is something that has never changed and never will.

How they ‘stumble’ across your video….that’s a different conversation.

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