Internet Guide To Making Money for Musicians – Part Two 1


This is the second part in our series of guides for musicians on the subject of how to maximise your returns from your music online.

In this article we’ll concentrate on sites that give you maximum returns for your sales.

In terms of % share the best 3 sites are Aurovine, CD Baby and Bandcamp. Although CD Baby and Bandcamp offer a large % split they do not offer tangible promotion. Bandcamp offer 85% of every sale to the artist whilst CD Baby have recently increased their artist share to 91% although this figure should not be taken at face value as (unlike Aurovine and Bandcamp) there is an upfront cost for each release. (Currently $49-$99 per album and $12.95-$39 per single). Aurovine and Bandcamp are free to use and Aurovine pay an 86% commission to artists.

Aurovine are also offering promotion via their AVMS viral marketing solution which launches in Q2 2013 along with charts and worldwide distribution and sync licensing.

What to Look Out For


Ensure you can upload and sell high quality files. You are serious about your music so why compromise on quality with mp3’s? Currently Bandcamp and Aurovine provide hosting for high quality uncompressed WAV and FLAC files. CD Baby only offer mp3 files at 256kbps.

Instant Payments

Aurovine offer instant payments at the point of Sale. Bandcamp have a staggered system where they take every 10th sale as commission. This is reconciled later on. CD Baby pay you at intervals when a payment threshold is reached.


Aurovine and Bandcamp offer custom pages. Aurovine’s has the most flexibility whilst Bandcamp follows a more rigid template. CD Baby have the most limited style options.
Most offer social sharing and Aurovine will soon be launching a bespoke rate and share system.
Aurovine also offer widgets for every track and album.

Don’t sign up to anything offering less than 70%

The table below shows a comparison of different platforms as of 2010

Making money from music online



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