Do you feel disengaged from online music services?

Musicians are disengaged from online music services

Feeling worn out? Uploaded your music to a dozen sites and not much happening?

We’ve all heard how easy it is to market your music on the web but the trouble is 100 million other artists are all doing the same thing.
The chances of someone finding your music are like the metaphorical needle in a haystack.

The problem isn’t so much how big your commission is from the sale, but how to get the sale in the first place.

Aurovine is acutely aware of this problem and we decided to ask some artists what they needed.

The results were striking. Artists see the whole process of uploading music as a kind of ‘completion’ to them. They know the music needs marketing but that isn’t their speciality. Hell, they’re first and foremost artists so what can the sales and marketing guys do for THEM!

If only it were so simple. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. An artist must feel engaged by their label or distro service before they’ll even consider getting involved.

So how are they helping you get more fans. Twitter/Facebook sharing buttons, Social media feeds, Fan Recruiter buttons. Great but they are pretty much a ‘given’ these days. If you’re in say an indie band you know there are millions of indie music fans around the world just one click away from listening to your tracks. It’s fairly safe to assume that a percentage of those fans will like or at least listen to your stuff once you’ve reached out to them.

At Aurovine, we’ve found the solution to this problem the ‘silver bullet’ if you will. Our system will get your music in front of fans of your genre, not in a spammy way but in a way that delivers real engagement for you and your music. We’ll be letting our artists into this secret by email in the first quarter of 2013. The only way to be a part of it is to sign up free at or to find out about how our system rewards artists look at our how it works section.


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