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The original and pioneering blockchain music platform is getting revamped.

You loved our music rewards and engagement platform so much that we’ve decided to relaunch Aurovine with brand new features, a fresh UI, and a new AudioCoin rewards ecosystem. Check out our new features and sign up today.

Existing User? Don't worry, your account will be imported to our new site.


Viral Marketing

Reward fans with AudioCoin for liking, rating and sharing your music on social media or for appearing at live events.


Spend AudioCoins on live events, studio time, music equipment, education, and much more through our expanding ADC Marketplace.
Start earning AudioCoins on launch day. Sign up for a free account now.


A digital currency for the music industry with groundbreaking artist and fan engagement technologies.

Distribution & Fast Payments

Sick of waiting for months for sales payments? Aurovine factors payments as soon as they are reported, instantly rewarding artists with ADC when their content is streamed, downloaded, or purchased.

Geolocation/Triggered Rewards

Reward fans for appearing at preconfigured geolocation zones like concert venues or brand-sponsored events. Licensed exclusively to Aurovine using Blocktools technology.

Smart Contracts

Crowdfunding and royalty sharing powered by AudioCoin smart contracts. An immersive way for artists and fans to collaborate on a new release or project.
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